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Minor Major Waltz

Big band jazz waltz with harmonica lead and several solos


In a romantic mood

Moody jazzy piece for quartet, consisting of harmonica, piano, bass, drums/percussion


Cyber Session

Funky jazzy rock piece with big band influence


New Age Experiment

My first attempt to compose something which sounds like new age


Rock Fantasy

My first pop-rock composition, written in 2000, inspired by the sound of Queen, but of course not as good as Queen.


Five to four

Jazz piece for alto sax, trumpet, tenor sax, piano, bass, drums/percussion which is partly in 5/4 and 4/4. At the end of the improvised part the pianist seems to like classical music as well!


Tango Flevo

For this small group consisting of bass, guitar, violin and accordion. Inspirated by Tango Canto, an Amsterdam tango group in which an acquaintance plays. On April 18th 2005 this piece won the award you see below. Click on the award to see where it comes from.


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